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            This conference is the way for many different International representatives in the violence prevention field to come together to share knowledge, strategies, and skills. This conference is the embodiment of the violence prevention education movement.”


~ Sensei Kim Rivers

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA

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            VPEC2020 was exceptional and the information and resources invaluable. Any person in the social work field can benefit from attending this conference.”


~ James DeCouteau

Turtle Mountain, North Dakota, USA

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            The Violence Prevention Education Conference provided an exceptional combination of presentations, discussions, and engagement by setting an innovative standard for tackling the root conditions that allow violence to flourish. The leadership brought together speakers with such a variety of professional backgrounds and made it a truly inspiring and promising event.”


~ Gentiana Susaj


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            VPEC is a global platform where people from diverse backgrounds discuss numerous strategies to prevent violence. The conference is a global learning platform which is very unique and focuses on gender equality. I believe anybody interested can participate and thus we can advocate for violence prevention education in every community.”

~ Dinta Suresh

 ~ PhD scholar, Department of Women's studies, University of Calicut, India

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            Having the privilege of attending the 1st International Violence Prevention Education conference brought out my innermost ability as a man to advocate more, fight more, and stand for women and girls now and always to address the gender-based violence and stereotypes women.

~ Obi Peter

 ~ Youths for Peace Building & Development in Africa (YOUPEDA), Nigeria

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