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Conference Registration


Welcome to the 2021 Violence Prevention Education Conference (VPEC)!

We hope you will join us for this virtual event taking place on

Saturday, October 9 - Sunday, October 10, 2021

Hosted by:

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VPEC is the second annual event and is an opportunity to bring together those passionate about their work of violence prevention. We create an opportunity for people to come together from global communities to create a cultural shift through education, collaboration, networking, and building community. The conference covers various topics on Violence Prevention, including non-violent communication, trauma-informed practices, women's leadership, storytelling, intersectionality, and Empowerment Self-Defense.

VPEC 2021 is a virtual event! The event will take place on the Whova platform and all sessions will be Live Streamed. This platform features a web app and mobile app. With this platform, attendees will have the ability to...


  • Create an account and profile with professional information

  • Plan your schedule and ensure you don't miss a session

  • Connect with other attendees through community boards, speed networking, and more

  • Receive on time updates from the event organizers.


Ticket Discounts and Accessibility


We want to ensure this event is accessible to everyone. If you are in a special circumstance and cannot pay the full ticket amount, please feel free to use one of the provided discount codes below that best fit your budget.

If further assistance is needed, please contact us.

  • 20% Off = 20percentoff

  • 30% Off = 30percentoff

  • 40% Off = 40percentoff

  • 50% Off = 50percentoff

  • 60% Off = 60percentoff

  • 70% Off = 70percentoff

  • 80% Off = 80percentoff

  • 90% Off = 90percentoff


Ticket Donations

We want to support all attendees and do not want to turn away anyone because of finances. If you have extra funds and would like to help cover the cost of someone else's ticket, you can select an additional donation amount in the 'Ticket Add-On' section.

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