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  • Sarah McArthur

The Power of We - VPEC 2023

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

💙 Join the Violence Prevention Education Conference 2023 and experience the Power of We as we come together with a global community of advocates, experts, educators, and ESD professionals dedicated to illuminating violence prevention methodologies. Together we can change the culture and long-term systems.

It can feel overwhelming and exhausting when we try to do it alone, and by joining a community or movement, collaboration becomes invaluable; we share in the process of change, cheer each other on, and lift each other up. As we join the forward movement, we see that change is happening globally!

Here are five reasons why working in a community can benefit a movement:

1️⃣ Diverse Perspectives: Embrace a wealth of insights and ideas from individuals with unique experiences. Diverse perspectives ignite creativity and innovation, enabling us to solve complex problems from different angles. Together, we make better decisions and find practical solutions within our movement.

2️⃣ Shared Resources: Building a movement demands time, skills, knowledge, and finances. We can share and combine resources to achieve our shared goals as a community.

3️⃣ Increased Reach and Influence: A united community has the power to reach farther and wield more significant influence than an individual working alone. By connecting our efforts, we tap into diverse networks, connections, and social circles to spread the ESD message and promote our cause. With a larger collective, we engage wider audiences, attract attention, and significantly impact societal change.

4️⃣ Support and Motivation: Building a movement is challenging, often requiring sustained effort over time. When we work as a community, we gain a support system that boosts our motivation and morale. Our supportive community offers encouragement, guidance, and assistance in facing obstacles or setbacks. We stay motivated, inspired, and committed to our movement's goals.

5️⃣ Collective Action and Strength in Numbers: Effecting change requires collective action. Working as a community can inspire more people to join our cause, amplifying our collective strength. Numbers matter when working with policymakers, raising awareness, and organizing impactful events. Our united community showcases solidarity, serving as a potent catalyst for change.

✨ I am excited to reconnect with old friends and make new ones at this year's Conference. With its hybrid experience, we'll enjoy smiles, hugs, and one-on-one connections while welcoming global access for connection, collaboration, and participation. Our Power of XYZ, Inc team is thrilled to curate and contribute to this event, fostering the growth of a robust community. Together, we'll make a difference! 💪🌍 - Sarah McArthur, VPEC Manager, CEO of Power of XYZ, Inc.

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