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        We have the opportunity to create the cultural shift we need to build a safer future.

~ Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman

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What if we taught people that it is their right to be treated with dignity and that everyone should treat them with respect?

What if our systems of education were about learning human rights and how to live together in safety and mutual growth?

What if we taught all people that they have the right to defend themselves from harm?

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We have the opportunity to create the cultural shift we need to build a safer future.

Please join us in online for VPEC2021 virtual conference and be part of turning these "what if's" into a reality.



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VPEC 2020


The first International Conference on Violence Prevention Education (VPEC) took place in February 2020. 

The group of attendees and presenters included dozens of renowned experts in the fields of education, psychology, social work, and Empowerment Self Defense.


The conference was produced by the El HaLev Violence Prevention Center in Jerusalem, now officially an NGO with Consultative Status to the United Nations (ECOSOC), in partnership with ESD Global Inc


What People Are Saying


Gentiana Susaj

VPEC2020 set an innovative standard for tackling the root conditions that allow violence to flourish. 

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Obi Peter

VPEC2020 brought out my innermost ability as a man to advocate more, fight more, and stand for women and girls now and always to address the gender-based violence and stereotypes women.


Dinta Suresh

VPEC2020 helped me realize the power of my own inner voice, which has influenced my approach to teaching violence prevention education.

Welcome to VPEC!

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